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Monday, October 5, 2015

Cherry Chocolate Almond Nutrition Bar

Well I have mixed feelings about this one. The Cherry Chocolate Almond Nutrition Bar. This is only because I don't care for cherry. However my son liked it. This was a great treat for him after school. 

 I tried it and I don't care for it. But again that is because I don't like cherries. However I did taste it, and it did have a hint of almonds but it tasted more like chocolate and cherries.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Get your hands on some Gourmet Gifters

Butter Toffee Peanuts Need I say much more. Oh they are so good and yummy. The ingredients are simple to its just peanuts, sugar, honey, peanut and/or cottonseed oil, corn syrup, sea salt, fructose, cornstarch, xanthan gum. Ok I have to say I am bad and let my kids get at it before I could take a ton of pictures. But it was just so good! They are crunchy and sweet and mmmmm yummmm.

No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces #giveaway

My workouts have been going great I went from 167 to 159.... on most good days. I say that because I have bad days where I eat to much and gain a few lbs. I have round that I have a love for running, or walk running. But my shoes laces always slow me down. I find that I have to stop every so often and make sure that they are still tight enough. It was no big deal, until I got this No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

100 Pokemon cards great for 2015 Holiday Gift guide

OK I had to add this to my holiday gift guide because my son love pokemon cards so much. I am going to show you a video and don't worry I was trying to park when I did it. I was not driving everywhere a videoing my kid...

Linkyo Kitchen Knife Sharpener - 3 Stage

I have a knife that Ryan and I use almost everything we are cooking. However after 2 almost 3 years its not as sharp as it used to be. So I was looking into buying him a new one for Christmas. But then I was offered to try a knife sharpener. So why not give it a world. Well Ryan did at first and he hated it. It did it just like they said and hated it. So I gave it a bad review..... But here is the thing. The company saw my review and gave me call! I was surprised most of the time they don't care. So I loved that they did that right off the bat. They asked me what had happened and what they could do to fix it. They then sent me a video showing how it works and some tips.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Get your cloth diapering on with Fuzzibunz #giveaway

Cloth diapering has been odd for me. Not that it has been hard, in fact there are a few companies out there who really go out of their way to help make it easy. I have found that I like pocket diapers the best. Pocket diapers are where there is a little pocket in the back and/or some times the front for you to put the insert in. What is a insert? An insert is what you put in the middle of the diaper to help adsorb more pee. As you can see from this picture the long cloth that is in the middle is an insert. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ring Sling baby carrier

I have had my far share of baby carries before and there are a few that I like. I love the ones that have lots of back support. With having a big baby he can sure make my back hurt. But I can say that I have never using a ring sling before. The different is that a ring sing goes over one shoulder not both. You would think that this would really hurt your back, well not as much as I thought. If anything it did hurt my shoulder a little. But remember I have never used a ring sling before.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

CUBEziez Giveaway 2 winners

 My kids a a ton of stuff animals. And while each one is fun and new, one of their favorites are the cube ones we got from Cubeziez. They are really cute stuffed animals that are in the shape of a cube.... get it CUBEziez! Ha I love the name. Anyhow I let my boys pick out what ones they want. There are a total of 7 cubeziez and as you can see from the picture they stack on each other. This is great for a few reason let me enplane:
  • Great for kid motor skills, learning how to stack things
  • Easy to put away and does not take up a ton of space
  • They teach kids to build things
  • Helps them become creative

Monday, September 14, 2015

OH my sweet Caramel Crispy Bar

 This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a small commission if clicked on and a purchase is made. 
OH my love, oh my taste buds, oh my oh my oh my.... Whatever you do do not I repeat do NOT eat this bar.... leave them all for me.... You will not be able to stop! Alright all joking and kidding aside I have never had a crispy treat as good as this one. This is Gourmet Gifter's Caramel Crispy. It is about the size of my hand first of all!

Trying for a baby? Conceive Plus® can Help! #tryingtoconceive

There is just so much pressure in TTC. First you have to worry about when you ovulate and when should you do IT. And if this is your first baby you have people always asking "is this the month" or "are you sick because your pregnant" or even "when are you going to have a baby". It can really be a hard stressful time. While I have been very lucky with my boys, I know people who have not had it easy. And its hard on them, its even harder to think about TTC and trying to keep it fun. That I have learned is the #1 think. Have fun and enjoy each other. It becomes harder on the couple if it seams like a chore.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kuuk Professional Stainless Steel Garlic Press

Do you like to cook? I like to cook but my kids don't like my cooking, so this review is more what my husband thinks of it. Most of the time when he cooks we use dry garlic. He would much rather use fresh garlic but does not want to chop it all up. We where in need of a garlic press. This is yet another great product from Kuuk. If you remember we got that meat thermometer that I love. Well now we got this really cool Professional Stainless Steel Garlic Press.

FSL Al13 Heavy Bass Earbuds

I love to go the gym its it hot in AZ to run outside right now. And while I am running I love to use this app called zombie run. It is a great way to keep me going. So I need a good set of Earbuds. Most of the time I have ones that ether fall right out or just not fit. I got this set from FSL Al13 Heavy Bass Earbuds, and I have to say I like it. They fit my ear just right and don't fall out when I run.

The cord is nice and long, flat too. Each earbud says R or L... for right or left so I can't even mess that up! With the cord being flat I have had no problems with it getting tangled like some others I have had. I can also wear them in the sauna without getting to hot.

The sound is clear and good. I have never had really expense ones before so I can't really compare it with that. But I can hear my zombie run and music nice and clear. I use them almost every day that I am at the gym.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Best teething Necklace I have had from Chew-Choos 'Cutie Pie' Silicone Teething Necklace

Noah is 6 months and has two bottom teeth and working on getting two more. He is also my baby who loves to put thing in his mouth! So most of the time I do not wear any jewelry. We have gotten a few teether for him. Nothing he really likes, ok there is this one grape looking teether he does like. But anyhow.... I got this teething necklace from Chew-Choos that Noah just loves. It is stylish and cute. I got mine in blue and grey. But they sell them in all blue, or black and even a pink mix.

I have to say I love this teething necklace better then any others I have had. No, no one is paying me to say this, other then my son! He loves to chew on this so much better then my nice necklaces.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Talk about a Steal! And a great sale Sep 4-7th!

As a mom we are always looking for good deals. Any way to save money is a good one. I have seen so many things that I would love to get on line but it is a little more then what I want to pay. I needed to find a place that really has some good steals. I am all about finding the best deal out there. Lets start with my new toy I got and I am in love with: Splash shower tunes speaker. I love to sing in the shower. You do to right? But I hate having to try and play my phone, most of the time I can not hear it very well. So I really wanted something I could put into the shower and listen to music. But most of the time they are $40 or up! Well not this little beauty I have here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Need a good pair of sunglasses with or without Rx review and coupon

I love sunglasses, but I never seam to be able to keep them. With three boys (and I count my husband in this number) always moving things, I can never find mine. And I hate having to spend more then $15-$20 on sunglasses. Because they get lost all the time. I had mixed feeling about my sunglasses from Glasses Shop. When I first put them on it did not feel much like Sun glasses. While it did shade the sun from my eyes there was something about them that I could not put my fingers on. But I still used them every day. Then one day it hit me. Not only is it shading the sun but it feels like it is adding extra colors to things. Meaning that the sky looked bluer... I don't really know how to enplane it but I LOVED it! They also make some great prescription eyeglasses if you need them.

Arabella's 100% Natural Boar Bristle Hair Brush Vlog review

This is a short review because it is a vlog review. Make sure you watch my video review. I am not sure how I feel about Arabella's 100% Natural Boar Bristle Hair Brush. While I have heard from a friend who happens to be a hair stylist that it is one of the best brushes, it leaves my hair frizzy. So I have not really used it much.

Monday, August 31, 2015

MAM Animal pacifiers #review and #giveaway

When my two older boys where born they would not take a pacifier. EVER! I don't know why they just would not take one. While I thought this was good I also saw the bad. While I did not have to worry about needing to wean them off, I also had a harder time getting them off the boob and to bed. So when Noah was born and wanted a pacifier I gave him one. This it helped to calm him down, but we had a small problem... he only wanted the one he got from the hospital. While this was fine when he hit 3 months we tried to get him the 3-6 month pacifier and he would not take it. You might be wondering why they have different pacifiers for each month. Well the pacifier is harder, that way the babies don't suck on it so hard that it bends and gets stuck in their mouth, and yes that has happened. (not to my babies but I have read about it happening) So we decided to try a new pacifier.... he would not take any of them! He still wanted his one from the hospital. Well it hit me while I was in the store that he would only take a MAM bottle so maybe we could try their pacifiers too. And BAM! He took right to it and was happy!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Make cleaning up kids toys easy with Bow-Tiger #giveaway

I am getting so sick and tired of telling my kids to pick up their toys. Does not matter if it is at our house or grandmas they make a mess with them. I tried using bins and toy chest but they still liked to keep it all over the floor. Well a bow-tiger must have been having the same problem becuase they found a great way to not only put toys away but to keep them in one spot.... ok my kids take their toys in one spot but it worked well.

Quick and Easy Breakfast

I hate mornings, really, really hate them. I want to sleep in as late as I can. But like your mother always said, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So I am always looking at ways to make a quick and healthy breakfast. When I got these Silicone Egg Poachers I was excited at the idea of making an poached egg in five minutes. I have never been able to make a poached egg before I got these. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Glow Bug Cloth Diaper review and #giveaway 9/8

Glow Bug is another big name cloth diapering place. You can get everything from pocket diapers to all in ones to even diaper sprayers. I have come to really love Glow Bug diapers for a few reasons. First of all they have a ton of really cute styles you can pick from. I got this really cute submarine one.

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