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Thursday, October 1, 2015



Being pregnant is definitely one of the most beautiful times of every woman’s life. And in fact, this is the time then you can start shopping for all the stuff you were dreaming for a long time! Especially all those cute maternity dresses and other clothing that will embrace your pregnant glow even more. But there are some do’s and some little don’ts you should remember while shopping. It will let you feel amazing and beautiful and make that mystical glow be glowing even more! Enjoy!

One of the mistakes many pregnant women tend to do is to avoid maternity clothing. There is that weird common misconception that you can continue to wear regular clothes during pregnancy. All you need to do is to just size-up as the bump grows. But that is just not right!  Maternity clothes are cut proportionately for the growing bump and that will let you embrace all the right features perfectly.
Another important don’t is not to experiment with new styles while being pregnant. It is the time then you should stay who you are and not chance yourself at all! So if you are boho type of girl, or little bit punk like, don’t chance your style just because you are pregnant! Stay yourself! If you wouldn’t have worn it before, don’t try it now!
Also – don’t overspend on maternity clothing, since you are going to wear it just for a few months in your life. It can turn out to be quite expensive. But if you look for some other alternative ways how to purchase it much cheaper, you can stay away from overspending for sure. One of these ways is second-hand shopping. Another – various coupons. For instance, you can shop at Target with it and get amazing discounts of maternity apparel. So just get these Target coupons from now and start shopping!

Now – let’s talk about things you should do. And one of these things that you should is to embrace your baby bump! It is the right and exact time then you can show the world that you are loved and you are expecting the little miracle in your life soon. So don’t be afraid of little slimmer silhouettes or tighter looks. It actually will help you to create a slimmer look too! Just embrace that magical period of your life more with clothing that embraces your belly perfectly too!
It is definitely worth to try prints and horizontal stripes, so you can also look stunning too! Various prints can actually distract away from parts of your body you want to keep away from attention. Also, stripes are actually slimming in this situation of yours! So forget about those rules that horizontal stripes don’t work for women at all and bravely pull that right now then you are carrying your baby!

Finally, always consider wearing embellished necklines.  All these embellished necklines draw attention up to the face and that is the best thing ever! Especially when you don’t feel like flaunting the bump! You can create that neckline by yourself too! Simply pull a big necklace or scarf and you will definitely attract some attention to your face!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Uv skinz guest post

Lately my kids have been outside quite a lot. It is hot and I worry about the damaging effects the sun can have on my kids and their skin. We all have light skin and tend to burn easily. I've noticed some disadvantages to using sunscreen alone. So I was pleased to try Uv skinz  with my kids.
I was sent a Sleeve Sun and Swim Shirt and matching bottoms and reversible bucket hat for my son. I was also sent a Short Sleeve Sunny Swim Shirt and matching Sunny Swim Skirt for my daughter.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Sky Lanterns and Fireworks for All Occasions

Sky Lanterns and Fireworks for All Occasions

When most people think of fireworks, they automatically think of the Fourth of July. They think about those elaborate displays that they see on television and the displays that they see in various cities around the world. Sky King Fireworks, which has locations in three cities in the United States, offers products that people can use for more than just the Fourth of July celebrations. Think about the looks on the faces of those around you when you celebrate a family reunion, a backyard barbecue or even a wedding with some of the fireworks available from this company. If you aren't sure why you should buy sky lanterns and similar products, find out what sets Sky King Fireworks apart from its competitors.

Special Prices
In addition to its stores in Indiana, Florida and Pennsylvania, Sky King Fireworks also offers all its products online. You can find printable coupons that you can use in a local store. Click the coupon you want, print it off on your home or work computer and take it to the store with you. With 19 different locations, you might find a shop right in your own town. These discounts include a free 200 gram repeater when you spend $150, $120 worth of products when you spend $400 or more than $700 in free products when you spend $2,000 or more.
Vast Selection of Fireworks
You'll find a vast selection of fireworks in different sizes, shapes and designs, which makes it easy to find the right products for your next celebration. Repeaters are just like the displays that you see in professional shows, with colors and designs shooting out of a small box. If you aren't sure what you want, you can purchase an assortment. Similar to a variety pack, an assortment comes with a wide range of fireworks and products in different sizes.
If you want to involve the kids in your celebration, consider ordering a few novelties. Sparklers are safe for kids, and they'll love seeing the sparks shoot out from the stick. You can also find snakes that show a small fake black snake unwinding from inside a small pellet. Sky King the nation's premier fireworks offers a number of other novelty products, including lanterns, smoke pellets, snap pops and even small cars powered by a firecracker inside. Novelty products and the other fireworks available are perfect for celebrations of all types and sizes.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Durable Bags for your Convenience

Durable Bags for your Convenience (guest post)

Sometimes the last thing you think of when you’re preparing for a trip, be it a weekend away with friends in the countryside or travelling to remote destinations abroad, can be the actual case you plan to bring all your goods in. This can obviously be problematic, as the things you’re depending on to get you through your vacation or time away are dependent on the protection of the bag or case that is carrying them. In this way, luggage is a hugely important part of travel and one you should keep in mind for your next trip. So here are just a few thoughts on what to remember when looking for that perfect travel bags and luggage, just remember when looking for the  best deals stores like Tesco stock a wide variety at low prices.
Why durability is important
No matter where you’re travelling to, having durable luggage is an important part of keeping all of your possessions safe and secure along the way. This does, however, become increasingly more important when you’re travelling abroad, as you will often have to check luggage when flying and the risks of someone breaking into your luggage increase.
When buying new bags or luggage be sure to look for pieces that are tear resistant and whose zippers and pockets can all be locked to ensure that they’re kept secure throughout your travels. This may increase the weight of your luggage, but there are more and more lightweight secure pieces available on the market, and the security of your possessions is well worth the little extra weight.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Teaching Children to Love Reading

Teaching Children to Love Reading

I have two children and my oldest is a girl. She is actually seven years older than her brother so she was virtually like an only child for those years. When she was still in my womb I was reading to her. I read anything and everything out loud, we talked, we prayed, we sang, and I even tried to discipline her while she was in there. When she was turned a certain way and giving me one her famous stretches that pressed a bit too hard on my bladder or side I would give her a little tap and tell her to stop, and she did!

We went on like that after she was born. She loved to listen to the written word; all she ever needed to keep her attention was someone reading to her. My grandma used to read to her out of the dictionary sometimes and she would get really quiet and listen. She read her the Word of God as well. She was a great listener.

Monday, November 25, 2013

List of best positive parenting skills which works forever

List of best positive parenting skills which works forever
Every parent wants to give their best to their child. Positive parenting acts as a system for shaping your child’s behavior and builds self esteem, rather than focusing on punishment. Parents who wish to acquire positive parenting skills should first consider their own behavior before they start parenting their child. When you develop these skills you will soon realize that you feel less tensed about your children.  Positive parenting skills will definitely lead you on the right path, but don’t expect perfection that doesn't exist. Following are the best positive parenting skills which works forever

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Do You Need To Monitor Your Kid’s Smartphone?

Image credit:
It has become a harsh reality of today’s world that kids feel unsecure and lonely without their smart phones and tablet devices. In past, the situationwas so simple and parents did not need to take extra tension regardingtheir kids because at that time mobile phone usage was not as much as it seems now-a-day. Parents have only concern with their kids school work.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Simple Yet Practical Ways To Avoid Getting Kidney Related Issues

If you care about your health, then you probably want to take active steps towards getting into the best health of your life. Most people want to ensure that they avoid getting a disease such as diabetes or alzheimer’s while at the same time promoting great heart health. However I want to ask you, when was the last time you actually thought about the condition of your kidneys? Well, if you can’t seem to answer this question then perhaps it’s time that you start paying them more attention. Your kidneys are quite literally one of the most important organs in your body, and one of the reasons is that they are responsible for filtering out about 200 quarts of blood each and every day. On top of this they are also responsible for ensuring that about 2 quarts of excess water and waste products are filtered, and the remaining waste goes onto actually become urine. Another important job that your kidneys have is to produce some hormones which actually regulate all the chemicals that are in your blood at this moment in time. Therefore I hope you can really appreciate just how important it is to make sure that your kidneys remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Here are some very simple yet practical tips that you can implement to keep your kidneys as healthy as possible…

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Your Maternity Wardrobe: The Dos and Don’ts

Your Maternity Wardrobe: The Dos and Don’ts
During pregnancy, finding the right clothes can be a difficult task. You’ll probably want to achieve a balance of style and comfort in a range of outfits – for both daytime and evening-wear. Plus your changing body shape is likely to push your regular clothes out of the equation.
When the time comes to assemble your maternity wardrobe, there will probably be a lot of things to take into account. Here are some simple dos and don’ts to give you a helping hand.

Wear Maxi Dresses and Maxi Skirts
Throughout your pregnancy, maxi dresses and skirts are some of the most versatile items you’ll have in your wardrobe as their lose-fitting fabric makes them ideal for a changing body shape. Adding a couple of accessories will also transform the maxi dress from a comfy day-wear item to a glamorous evening piece.
Image: Liberty Gown (Blackberry) from Tiffany Rose. £249.00.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tips for new parents how to get compatible to your kids

Tips for new parents how to get compatible to your kids
Becoming a new parent is often a daunting experience especially for the mothers. Regardless of the spectrum of life you belong, it is often considered as an important experience in the entire life. If you are among the new parents, you would require some tips and tricks to get compatible with your baby. After loads of excitement and labor you have the child and hence the baby remains the most priceless thing for you. Once you reach home from the hospital you soon realize that you have no idea of handling your kid. Knowing the art of dealing your baby would help in making compatible with your kid. The following are some of the ways in which you can slowly and steadily make yourself compatible with your child. Let’s check them out:

Friday, September 27, 2013

Furry friends for life: how cats are good for kids

Furry friends for life: how cats are good for kids

Getting a cat is undoubtedly a big decision for any family. Parents need to think about who will be responsible for the cat, the expenses involved, not to mention the potential impact on the furniture! But what about your kids?

Many parents worry about things like how a young child will handle a new pet, but what's not so commonly talked about is the influence a cat can have on a child. Cats can teach children not only respect and responsibility towards animals, but also improve kids’ emotional and social skills.

The positives of getting a pet

The positives that come with any pet apply here. Your child may not be able to walk their cat(!) but children can learn about respect for other living things through playing with their furry friend. Having a cat to look after teaches them to be responsible as they grow older; measuring out the Whiskas cat food, joining in with basic grooming and trips to the vet, buying their cat an occasional treat.

Developmental skills

As well as these general benefits, cats have been shown to have a specific impact on growing children.

There have been many studies which have found cats to be a great source of comfort and companionship for children. Kids who suffer from mental issues such as depression or anxiety can get a lot out of a relationship with a cat, since cats are non-judgemental and their affection is uncomplicated. Just being able to hold and stroke a cat does therapeutic wonders for children.

The benefits of cats to children with social problems such as autism have also been widely reported. The simple interaction between a cat and child – playing together, caring for the cat, learning acceptable boundaries - can be a great social lesson for kids, and will lead them to develop friendships with other children. Having a pet also invites social interaction amongst family and friends, and shy or withdrawn children may find it easier to spend time with others if there is a pet to focus on and talk about.

Kids and cats make a great team

Even on a basic level, owning a pet cat will spark children's interest for cats as animals. They may wish to read up on their behaviour or search the internet for tips on how to care for them, all promoting an interest in learning for your children. So if you're considering a new addition to the family, remember that getting a cat may end up giving your child a head start in more ways than one.

Image by Steve Garner, used under Creative Comms license

Monday, September 16, 2013

How to communication with teenagers for parenting, guest post

How to communication with teenagers for parenting

The teenage time is among the most difficult for parents to handle when they see their kids growing. The teenagers usually are seen developing different ideas, beliefs and values, which are different than the parents. This is basically the part and parcel of the normal process of going ahead close to independence. However, parents are seen going conscious and hence are seen struggling to control their independence, which they must allow their kids at various age groups and at different situations.  You will not find any prescription for this; every young man happens to be individual and requires different suggestions. The teenage communication is different than any other communication as it causes stress and conflict. The following are some of the ways of communicating with teenagers for parents. Let’s check them out:


Take some time

When your teenager child wants to talk to you he or she requires your complete and undivided attention. Hence make sure you turn off your laptop or keep aside your smart phone and give your child some moments for quality listening. You are supposed to look your child and not you’re PC or smart phone as no one really likes to talk to any busy person. Also, you aren’t so busy that you cannot squeeze some time or moments for your teenager children. If you are serious about communicating with your teenager son or daughter, you need to reorganize your preferences or else will not be able to fetch the result out of it.

Start with a clean slate

For any parent it is never recommended to get engaged with accidental parents, which means you are not supposed to go down over the path without any intention of going down simply to discover them struck in any dynamic, which may not work. Beating up yourself for a number of probabilities, which you have already carried out is simply a big waste of energy and time. Hence there is no going back; hence rather you need to offer yourself with a permission to simply wipe your slate clean and neat commit over making a wise shift in your forward direction.

Drop down the expectations

Whenever the expectations are not met, you can see people getting disappointed especially in the serious kind of relationships. The more tightly you hold your expectations the worst you can feel dejected when they are not met.  The fact is you have hardly any control over anyone’s behavior and this also applies to your kids as well. Since you find them close to you hence you have some uncompromising kind of expectations. However, by losing the whip of expectations can really help your teenager child to communicate with you properly as the doors between you two would then open and you can end up communicating in a much healthier manner.

Listen to them respectfully

In your communication, your teenager child should be able to feel emotionally very much comfortable while communicating. Teenagers are often keen to be heard rather than being lectured, so instead of making your experiences like a teachable moment you need to respectfully listen to them.

Final word

A teenage child and parent relationship is often a very complex kind of phenomenon, which you need to handle with care especially when you want to communicate with them. The above are some of the basic tips, which can help you in doing so.


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Saturday, September 14, 2013

How To Stay Positive When You’ve Been Diagnosed With Kidney Disease, guest post

How To Stay Positive When You’ve Been Diagnosed With Kidney Disease

So you’ve just been told that you’re going to be suffering with kidney disease for the rest of your life. Your whole world has been shaken upside down and you just don’t know what’s going to happen!

You’re talking to all these so called specialists but no matter when they tell you, it doesn’t feel like it matters because you feel like your whole world has been totally flipped upside down. Inside you’re praying that they’ve made some sort of mistake and that any second now they will reveal the truth to you… but of course that never happens.

Most people who have been diagnosed with some sort of disease will actually experience the phases of going through denial, real anger, serious depression and eventually they will go onto accept their situation.

But you need to be different from normal people and go from the denial stage to accepting your situation as quickly as possible. You also need to make sure that you remain as positive as possible because this will help to keep your both mentally and physically stable. Know that having positive mindset is the key place from where you’re going to be able to get yourself to great health in no time at all.

Friday, August 23, 2013

How good or bad to change parenting behavior in modern world

How good or bad to change parenting behavior in modern world
The modern world is distraught with stress and overwhelmed with materialistic existence which have also strained through the nuances of every relationship even that between a child and their parents. This intricate relationship, which is also the basis of human society, is a result of much stress and anxiety given the changed equation of the society and the very materialistic approach of humanity. The surrounding atmosphere is filled with temptations and misinformation. World politics, movies, TV and print media are screaming more than ever for children's attention to all the erroneous traits like bragging, deceit, lies, treachery, violence, sex, junk food, foul language, mistreatment, and so many more wrongdoings. Given this challenging times to bring up children, parents are more than overwhelmed with what values to promote and what to let slip by, where to draw the line of discipline, whether to explain the wrongdoings or let it go unnoticed till the children ask why, etc. questions are vast but action and time very limited. The guidelines of modern day parenting have also undergone a severe change from the yesteryear. Here we analyze how bad or good change has really been this far.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Keep the kids out of trouble with our perfect holiday products

Keep the kids out of trouble with our perfect holiday products
The Victorians used to say that children should be seen and not heard, and although the summer holidays have barely began, we’re already inclined to agree with them. Hands up those of you that have children. Now, keep your hands up if you could do with a means of keeping them entertained, quiet and out of trouble over the summer. We thought so. We appreciate that Britain’s parents have a long summer ahead of them, so we’ve picked out these four bargain products to keep your kids entertained (and quiet) at all times. We’ll even help you to save money on your online purchases too!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Breast or Bottle: Which is best?

Breast or Bottle: Which is best?
If 70% of British women choose to breastfeed, you can be certain that most of them have hundreds of questions. Here are some answers from the experts at to help you find your path to the Milky Way…
Is breast milk better?
Breast milk provides real protection against germs. It possesses an immune system-boosting quality that no other milk can ever provide. Apparently, it protects babies against digestive infections during the nursing stage and throughout the whole of the first year, provided they are breastfed for at least 13 weeks. Another huge advantage is that it contains a mixture of nutrients that are fundamental for a baby's growth. Made up of 85% water, soluble fatty acids, proteins and mineral salts, it offers twice as much Vitamin A, B, C, D and E than cow's milk.

Bad vs Good Lessons: What lessons kids learn fast

Bad vs Good Lessons: What lessons kids learn fast
The home is the first classroom to your child. No matter, whether it is the house, an orphanage, the market-square or the streets- where the child is brought up that is his home. Parents are the first teachers and role models of their child. They are influential for shaping up the child’s behavior as well as their children’s reactions and attitudes. Children learn the behaviors from the role models around them. Parenting is one of the challenging tasks in the world. It requires serious practice and sacrifices to be a good parent. Children learn fast what their parents do than what they say. Children are like raw earth and parents mold them into good human beings. It is up to you to impart good values to your child.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A little downtime playing slots online

Sometimes we all need a break from the daily routine. My days are spent with my children – both under the age of five. I wouldn’t change it for the world, and I consider myself so lucky that I don’t have to go out to work and leave them with a childminder or send them to nursery. We have so much great time together and I know these days are really special. I’ll miss them so much when they’re both in full time school, so I cherish this time we have.
However, that doesn’t mean I don’t need a break from being ‘Mummy’ every now and then. And I’ve discovered one way to relax without leaving the house is to get online. Of course, I usually do ‘useful’ things online – like pay the bills, check the bank account and catch up on my email correspondence. But sometimes I just want to have a bit of fun instead.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You’ve got to give bingo a try, guest post

You’ve got to give bingo a try
If you’ve never tried out online bingo and think it wouldn’t interest you – think again. I had never thought to try it until my 20-something year-old niece and I were on a long train journey together and, like all young people seem to these days, she was continually busy tapping away into her cell phone.
After a while, I politely enquired as to what she was doing and was amazed when she told me she was playing bingo! So she showed me what to do and before you now it, I was hooked. I downloaded the mobile bingo app from my niece’s chosen provider onto my own phone, deposited a few dollars and got a few dollars more straight off the bat as a welcome bonus and have been busily playing away ever since for huge stakes; like a cent per game!
Of course, the money isn’t the issue here; what I’ve found is that by concentrating on playing bingo on my cell, I “zone out” completely for a while and this is the main benefit for me. I know there are lots of other games you can play on your mobile, but most of them require quite a bit of thought and concentration and the last thing I need in my life is any more mental or physical effort; I’m quite busy enough on that score. What I find is that by playing mindlessly for an hour or so, it’s like a forced relaxation / meditation – and it’s particularly great for journeys you need to take alone, or when you’re waiting around somewhere  / picking the kids up from school etc.

But don’t take my word for it; try it for yourself and see if you get the same feeling of calm that comes from focusing all your attention on something kind of mindless for a while – without worrying about all the serious details of life. You may find it as mentally refreshing as I do.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Useful Hints To Help You Shed Fat If You’ve Got Hypothyroidism

Useful Hints To Help You Shed Fat If You’ve Got Hypothyroidism Post Written By Avelina Kongoi of

 If you’ve been suffering from hypothyroidism for a while now then you’ll know how much of a struggle it can be to lose even a little bit of weight. And the reality is that this is a disease that is affecting more and more people all over the world every single year! There are said to be an estimated 28 million people all over the United States right now who are officially known to be actually suffering from the condition. But the surprising truth is that there is an even larger amount of the population who has yet to be diagnosed and given the treatment they need to get healthy again! Not only is hypothyroidism becoming more prevalent but there is another disease known as subclinical hypothyroidism which is becoming a lot more common too. This is essentially where the individual in question hasn’t got anything wrong with their thyroid but they are suffering from many of the symptoms that are common with the disease! Most of the time this occurs simply because of the person being on a bad diet.

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