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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Laura and I am now working on our 2015 Holiday Gift guide. We would love to work with you. Make sure that you email us if you have any questions mummyreviews @

This year we will be offering a few different way to get your product/company seen and heard. We will be offering:

  • Review post - Reviews will include product information, personal opinions, link to your site/shop, pictures, and any deals or coupons you have going on. Reviews will be at least 250 words. We ask that we received the product free of charge for the review. Reviews will be posted on all my social media sites (facebook, twitter, instagram and my Holiday gift guide list on Pinterest.)
  • Review and giveaway: Every thing you get from the review post but also a giveaway of the idea received or a gift card to your shop/site. You will be responsible for shipping your prize to the winner. Giveaway entries will be asked to enter using one or more of you social medias, ie liking Facebook, following via Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Giveaway will run 2 weeks unless other wise discussed.  
  • Giveaway only:  We will be offering a giveaway only choice for a small fee. You will get everything from the review/giveaway minus the review. 
  • Sponsored posts:  If you can't provide a product to sample or giveaway we do offer sponsored post for a fee. Email me for more info on that.
We have a few rules for this 2015 Holiday Gift Guide:
  • Reviews and post will start going live Oct 1st till December 31st 2015
  • Products value must be at least $25
  • Family friendly products only
  • All post will be listed on social media

If you are not sure what to offer here are a few things that we will take, but not limited to this list:

Gifts for Her: cloths, beauty products, jewelry, clothing etc..

Gifts for Him:  Clothing, watches, video games, cologne etc..

Kitchen love:  pots, pants, gourmet products, knifes, cutting board, cookbooks etc

Babies, toddlers, kids: (Laura and I have small kids ages from 6 months- 5 years old) Toys, books, clothing, coloring books, board games etc

Stocking Stuffers: Anything small, candy, cards, candles, etc

If you have any questions or would like to join us send us an email mummyreviews at

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Bosley Builds A Treehouse

I love reading and so do my kids. I am also encouraging them to learn Spanish. Previously we reviewed Bosley Goes to the Beach. So when I had a chance to review another book from the same series I was pleased.

This time the book is called "Bosley Builds a Treehouse." You can find these books on the author's webpage or on amazon.

This book is perfect for language learners and is available in a variety of languages including: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Russian, or Japanese. So it is perfect for whatever language you are trying to learn.

In the book, Bosley Bear works with his forest friends to build a tree house. The story encourages teamwork, success, and friendship. While at the same time teaches your child new spanish words and phrases.

The pictures are cute and eye catching. The text is easy to follow. The story is great to read during the day or at bedtime. It was a hit with my kids.
I read this book to my kids on the iPad but it is also available in print. The images are on the left hand side of the page followed by the text on the right hand side.

Dual language books are fun because it gives my children exposure to another language. They enjoy listening to me read the spanish side and enjoy learning new words.

Be sure to like on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with products and promotions.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Ella's Kitchen

The holidays are a busy time. Around her that means it is difficult to get decent meals and snacks for the kids. So I was pleased when Ella's Kitchen sent me an assortment of products to review.

My kids are age 6 and 3, and while not babies they can still enjoy these products.

My daughter age 6 loved this one!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Buy Green FireTruck

Do you have a little boy on your Christmas list? My son loves anything that has to do with transportation. So when I saw this fire truck at Buy Green, I knew he would love it.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Play for Keeps Rocket

My son has a new found love of Rocket ships. So when I saw a rocket at Play for Keeps Toys, I knew I had to get it for him. This is the perfect gift for your space loving kid.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Lakeshore learning Add it Up Archery Set

You may recall I have a love for anything educational. So Lakeshore learning is a store that I love.  I knew I wanted to include them as part of our Holiday Guide.

I choose the Add it up Archery Set for my 6 year old daughter. I knew she would enjoy it.

Add it up Archery Set

Holiday Gift Guide: Mike the Knight Mike's Christmas Surprise!

My kids love watching "Shows" on T.V. So when I found out about a Special Christmas Mike the Knight, I knew my kids would love it.

Holiday Gift Guide: Thomas & Friends King of the Railway The Movie

My 3 year old son loves Trains and especially Thomas the train. Of course that meant, Thomas the Train would be part of our holidays.

 Our family was pleased to receive the movie: Thomas & Friends King of the Railway The Movie.

Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoors R Us Food Jars

I have worked with Outdoors R Us on previous occasions. Both my kids love the Thermos bottles that we received from them. So when I was looking for holiday ideas, I knew I wanted to work with them again.
Woody and Bullseye

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: First Impression Kids Art set, review and $25 GC giveaway!

Ryan and I have decided we are going to be homeschooling Aiden. Ryan and his sister was home schooled and we both feel like its the best thing for US to do. Ok so Aiden is only 2 (going to be 3 next month) and this is the time people start looking into pre-k. So I am looking for things that I can use as part of mu home school. Such as wall art, work books and painting stuff. Well we go a big art set. First Impressions kids art set has some many things in it from, colored pencils, markers, oil pastels, watercolor paint and pant brush, a pencil sharpener and a vinyl eraser!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide, looking to work with you

Christmas is coming up and fast. Would you like to be featured on Mummy Knows Reviews Holiday Gift Guide this year? Its is a great way to get your company and products seen by many people. Our gift guide is going to be for everyone in the family not just babies.

Every post will be promoted on Mummy Knows Reviews social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
This Holiday Gift Guide event will be held from November 23 till December 7th.

There are a few way that you can join:

Review Only- I require a full size products. You will then get a review post that includes 2-3 pictures as well as text link. All opinion will be honest and my own. Products will not be returned.

Giveaway Only- The product must be shipped right to the winner. If you want to know more about the giveaway only, please email me. The price for me to do a giveaway only is $20.

Review & Giveaway- You get the best of both worlds here. I will still require a full size product to review, and I will host a giveaway at the same time. With this choice there is no extra charge.

Sponsored Post- If you don't want to do a review or giveaway there is still things you can do. I will still write a full post on a product, including pictures and text links. This is price is $30.

Advertising/supporters- We can offer different things here, from buttons to text links. Just send me an email and let me know what you would like here. Then I will let you know about prices depending on what you want.

Holiday Gift Guide Categories:

Clothing for both children and adults
home decor
stocking stuffers

If you would like to be featured on Mummy Knows Reviews Hoilday Gift Guide (Etsy, businesses, PR reps etc) plesase contact me at mummyreviews

Saturday, December 17, 2011

holiday gift guide: Ella's Kitchen review and giveaway 12/31

Now that Aiden is older, he will not let me feed him. He has become so independent. So when I try to spoon feed him he gets mad, and will not eat unless he can do it. Which is on BIG reason why I love Ella's Kitchen so much, their food comes in pouches. Then you add in the fact that they are natural and organic.I think it is sweet that Ella's Kitchen was made by Ella's dad. He was looking for something healthy, delicious and easy to take on the go. Which is something every parent thinks about when packing the diaper bag, or even a back pack.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday gift guide: Boot Stroot

With the colder weather it time to put your sandals away and bring out the BOOTS!! Oh how I love boots but I hate trying to get my pants in them. You ether have to get the leggings, get really tight pants or really baggy ones. But now there is this cool new product called Boot Stoot.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Gift guide: Guess Who Zoo

Guess Who Zoo is a fun CD for both kids and parents. This is a fun CD that has songs with clues on what animal they are talking about. The music is easy to listen to and does not drive you crazy. You know what I mean right, where you get a kids CD and you just want to toss it out the window because its annoying? They usually  have adults singing like kids and playing music that really bad. Well you don't get that with Guess Who Zoo. They have fun music with cute rhymes.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Gift guide: Rayovac

Here is a great gift for dad! Rayovac makes a lot of great batteries and flashlights, but the  Sportsman Xtreme 2-Watt Focus Flashlight is really xtreme! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Gift guide: Baby Einstein

Well Black Friday just came and went. Did you get everything on your list? Did you find or think of something else you need to get. Well don't worry because Cyber Monday is just two days away. How about some of Baby Einstein Award Winning Discovery Kits?! Aiden loves Baby Einstein, and Baby Van Gogh the best.
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