Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tonight's Bedtime Story

Reading to Chris every day is so important to me. We make the time to read a book together at least three times a day. But my favorite time to read is after his bad as he is getting tucked into bed. Our bedtime story is when we bring out a new book. Tonight's story is The Picky Little Witch published by Pelican Publishing. I have fallen in love with Pelican Publishing because they value the importance of real books. A book you can sit down and cuddle with your child, letting them turn the pages, read along and be apart of reading the story. Tablets, e-readers and computers are great but  nothing replaces the joy of a real book. I love having a shelf full of books that Chris can go pick out his story and read alone or bring it to me for our special reading time. 

The hard cover book with a full color glossy dust jacket will last for years. Have you ever found one of your childhood books? Do you remember the joy it brought you. Don't you want to give your child that same experience.

The book is 9x11 so it is a great size to sit and read to your child, but also large enough if you are reading to a large group of children so they can all see.

The pages are quality paper printed in full color from edge to edge. The story is fun and the illustrations are adorable. 

The Picky Little Witch was about a little witch and her mother.
The mother made a special witch soup and the picky little witch did not want to try it. 
Finally after a bit of a battle she tried the soup and enjoyed it. 
When the picky little witch tried to get her mother to try candy she resisted, but at the encouragement of the picky little witch the mother tried and enjoyed the candy. 
I loved the message the book had about being willing to try new things- because this is a battle we fight with Chris.

My favorite part of the book is the recipe at the end. You can make the special "witch soup" for your child to try. 

Special Thanks to Pelican Publishing for Chris' copy of The Picky Little Witch 
Pick up your copy or any other their other great children's books here.


Mruga M said...

The Picky Little Witch is one of my sons favorite. www.mruga.com

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