Wednesday, September 9, 2015

FSL Al13 Heavy Bass Earbuds

I love to go the gym its it hot in AZ to run outside right now. And while I am running I love to use this app called zombie run. It is a great way to keep me going. So I need a good set of Earbuds. Most of the time I have ones that ether fall right out or just not fit. I got this set from FSL Al13 Heavy Bass Earbuds, and I have to say I like it. They fit my ear just right and don't fall out when I run.

The cord is nice and long, flat too. Each earbud says R or L... for right or left so I can't even mess that up! With the cord being flat I have had no problems with it getting tangled like some others I have had. I can also wear them in the sauna without getting to hot.

The sound is clear and good. I have never had really expense ones before so I can't really compare it with that. But I can hear my zombie run and music nice and clear. I use them almost every day that I am at the gym.


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