Wednesday, September 16, 2015

CUBEziez Giveaway 2 winners

 My kids a a ton of stuff animals. And while each one is fun and new, one of their favorites are the cube ones we got from Cubeziez. They are really cute stuffed animals that are in the shape of a cube.... get it CUBEziez! Ha I love the name. Anyhow I let my boys pick out what ones they want. There are a total of 7 cubeziez and as you can see from the picture they stack on each other. This is great for a few reason let me enplane:
  • Great for kid motor skills, learning how to stack things
  • Easy to put away and does not take up a ton of space
  • They teach kids to build things
  • Helps them become creative
Back to the ones my boys picked. Aiden liked the way they bee one looked. His name is Beezy and Logan picked out the frog, Frogzy. Cubeziez are great for kids of any age. As you can see this is my baby, who is not so much of a baby any more. He is 6 months now. He likes to play with Beezy, he has wings, legs and even a stinger! Laura's son even likes Beezy, head back over and see her review of it. (Laura's review of Cubeziez)

Logan love to play with his frog one. He think it is funny that his tongue is sticking out. The frog also has little legs on them. This really makes a great gift for kids. I am sure you would like to try them out yourself. There are two ways you can do this. One head over to Cubeziez and get yours or you can enter to win some!

Ps keep an eye out during Christmas time, This is on our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide
Oh and there will be two winners: full set for the first prize and a 3 unit second prize
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