Monday, August 31, 2015

MAM Animal pacifiers #review and #giveaway

When my two older boys where born they would not take a pacifier. EVER! I don't know why they just would not take one. While I thought this was good I also saw the bad. While I did not have to worry about needing to wean them off, I also had a harder time getting them off the boob and to bed. So when Noah was born and wanted a pacifier I gave him one. This it helped to calm him down, but we had a small problem... he only wanted the one he got from the hospital. While this was fine when he hit 3 months we tried to get him the 3-6 month pacifier and he would not take it. You might be wondering why they have different pacifiers for each month. Well the pacifier is harder, that way the babies don't suck on it so hard that it bends and gets stuck in their mouth, and yes that has happened. (not to my babies but I have read about it happening) So we decided to try a new pacifier.... he would not take any of them! He still wanted his one from the hospital. Well it hit me while I was in the store that he would only take a MAM bottle so maybe we could try their pacifiers too. And BAM! He took right to it and was happy!

Lots of people might think that pacifiers are bad for babies because of poor jaw and tooth alignment. But don't worry MAM has you covered there. All MAM pacifiers feature an orthodontically correct nipple design. What does that mean? Well they are safe for babies jaw and teeth. Also their pacifiers are BPA-free, PVC-free, lead-free and CPSIA-Compliant.

So I got this fox and hippo along with one of their bottle while I will be talking about in another review. Any how we leave the fox one at grandma's house to make sure she always has one on here. Buy far this is my favorite band, well his favorite band. I don't use them like he does.

Now that Mr. Noah is 6 months he has kind of weaned himself off. He still takes a pacifier at times when he is really tired but does not take it all day anymore. This again is a good thing for me, because once again I don't have to worry about weaning him. Have you tired MAM's Pacifiers yet? Why not try now. 


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