Saturday, August 29, 2015

Make cleaning up kids toys easy with Bow-Tiger #giveaway

I am getting so sick and tired of telling my kids to pick up their toys. Does not matter if it is at our house or grandmas they make a mess with them. I tried using bins and toy chest but they still liked to keep it all over the floor. Well a bow-tiger must have been having the same problem becuase they found a great way to not only put toys away but to keep them in one spot.... ok my kids take their toys in one spot but it worked well.

They say that this was made for Lego and other blocks so mom don't step on them. But I can tell you a toy car hurts too.

The mat comes in three different sizes, 60", 40" and 20". When we first got ours my kids thought it would be funny to tie themselves up in it. I had a video of it too it was so funny, but I deleted... Fail to me. Anyhow we had some people coming over last night and I had to get the kids to pick up their toys in the front room. So I brought this out and told the kids to fill it up.

What would have taken and hour of them whinnying that they don't want to take it to the other room or whatever. They just did it. Now I am not saying your kids are going to just magical start cleaning up, but it has helped my kids. Best thing is it pulls up small and turns into a backpack. This is great for when we go out to grandmas house.

Are you getting tired of your kids having their toys everywhere too? Would you like to win a Bow-Tiger? 


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