Thursday, July 16, 2015

Got to catch them all...Pokemon #GoldenGroundhogPokemonlot

Aiden just got into Pokemon a few weeks ago and I could not be happier. Why? It gives me a reason to watch them again and to get the cards. Pokemon started with 150 Pokemon and Pokemon cards but now there are over 700! Getting some of the Pokemon can be harder or more expensive. So when I heard about a guy who sells them on Amazon I had to get my hands on some. GoldenGroundhog has a ton of great Pokemon packs, we happened to get his 30 Pokemon Card Pack Lot - With Eevee.

The cards are great and I did not know that Eevee evolves into 8 different Pokemon now. Before it was just 3. Not only did he get Eevee in this 30 pack of cards but he also got Pikach, he already had Raichu so he was really happy to have gotten Pikachu. 

But Aiden's all time favorite Pokemon he got 30 Pokemon Card Pack Lot is his Rahram. So if you are looking to catch them all, make sure you head over to GoldenGroundhog amazon page and get yours. Its a killer price too, a great deal.


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