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List of best positive parenting skills which works forever

List of best positive parenting skills which works forever
Every parent wants to give their best to their child. Positive parenting acts as a system for shaping your child’s behavior and builds self esteem, rather than focusing on punishment. Parents who wish to acquire positive parenting skills should first consider their own behavior before they start parenting their child. When you develop these skills you will soon realize that you feel less tensed about your children.  Positive parenting skills will definitely lead you on the right path, but don’t expect perfection that doesn't exist. Following are the best positive parenting skills which works forever

1.  Open Line of Communication
Proper communication is very much important in any relationship, including the one between a parent and child. You can’t be effective if you don’t give clear and consistent instructions to your child. Use positive words to tell your child what you want them to do instead of telling them what not to do. Instead of saying “Don’t yell” use positive directions such as “Talk with a quiet voice”. This is an example of positive parenting.
Your body language is yet another powerful tool. Sometimes Finger pointing, crossed arms and threatening postures can scare and make a child dumb. Using a gentle touch and sitting beside your child can make communication more effective.
2.  Discipline
There are different ways that help parents in shaping their child’s behavior while still practicing positive parenting. Young children who throw tantrums can benefit from distraction from the situation. Rather than telling a child “No”, give him/her a good reason and offer an alternative – “Pinky is playing with the doll now, let’s find another toy”. Parents should act consistently and talk with their children about the rules and what you want them to do. Be clear. Express your love for them by smiling, cuddling and kissing them. Tell them when you are not pleased by their behavior. They need to realize that it’s the behavior you are not happy with and not them.
3.  Being the Role Model to your Child
Asking children to do what you say and not what you do makes them confused. Children will not do what their parents ask them to do instead they watch their parents and model the behaviors. According to Robert Eimers, parents who model positive behaviors such as staying cool during stressful or frustrating situations, being responsible for their belongings and cleaning up on their own are more likely to see those behaviors in their children. Similarly parents who set an example by showing respect, acting with courtesy, being patient and kind and following the “Golden Rule” can expect their children to copy their behavior, even at young ages.
4.  Effective Praising
Every parent should learn to practice the art of praising their children whenever they get a chance to do so. Appreciating your child is one of the most powerful things you can do as a parent. Praising is the most effective boosting agent for kids. It makes your child emotionally strong, just as food helps your child grow strong physically. Never focus only on the mistakes your child makes, but be generous enough to praise your children for their achievements, how little they may be. Praising is an effective way of correcting your children. When you praise them for their good deeds and ignore minor mistakes, it is self learning experience for kids to realize what is right and what is to be avoided.

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