Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Keep the kids out of trouble with our perfect holiday products

Keep the kids out of trouble with our perfect holiday products
The Victorians used to say that children should be seen and not heard, and although the summer holidays have barely began, we’re already inclined to agree with them. Hands up those of you that have children. Now, keep your hands up if you could do with a means of keeping them entertained, quiet and out of trouble over the summer. We thought so. We appreciate that Britain’s parents have a long summer ahead of them, so we’ve picked out these four bargain products to keep your kids entertained (and quiet) at all times. We’ll even help you to save money on your online purchases too!

Keep them quiet
Handheld games consoles such as the Nintendo 3DS can be fun and informative enough to keep your kids entertained for hours, but a long car journey can become a form of torture if you have to put up with the beeps and sound effects of your children’s devices for hours on end. For your peace of mind, why not keep the little blighters quiet with the help of a pair of Groov-e children’s headphones? These stylish and lightweight ‘phones will plug into their handheld games consoles, mp3 players and even the ports of your smartphones and tablets, keeping shouts of ‘are we there yet’ to a minimum. What a bargain!

Keep them busy
We’ve been spoilt with fantastic weather thus far this summer, but if there’s one thing we’re guaranteed it’s that we’ll  face a rainy day or two in the weeks to come. It’s the days when your kids are cooped up indoors that see them become the most bored and agitated, and if you want a little peace and quiet to catch up with your latest novel, you’ll need to give them something to keep them occupied. The Perplexus Epic puzzle game is the classic ball bearing maze puzzle given a 21st century facelift with the help of a three-dimensional labyrinth. It’s highly engrossing and fiendishly difficult, so is guaranteed to keep your kids busy for hours on end!

Keep them outside
The pessimists amongst you will agree with our statement above and predict constant rainfall for the rest of the summer. The optimists will pooh-pooh that idea and prepare to bask in uninterrupted sunshine. The realists, however, will know that it pays to prepare for both. You can’t always have the time to arrange outdoor games and activities for your children in the sunshine, so why not invest in something that can keep them entertained for you? This Duplay 8ft trampoline will have your kids bouncing around in the sunshine while you sip Pimm’s on the patio, while the enclosure will keep them safe and give you peace of mind.

Keep them curious
With the long weeks of summer stretching ahead of you, your children have all the time in the world to learn and explore their surroundings. The summertime is the perfect opportunity to head into the outside world and spot some of the wonderful wildlife on show here in the UK. Some of our rarest and most spectacular bird and mammal species come out to play in the summertime, so it is always worth purchasing some binoculars that can help your children to see them all. If your kids lack the patience for bird watching then they can always be used for stargazing on a summer’s evening or army games the next morning, too!

These four products promise to keep your kids amused, entertained and best of all quiet this summer, giving you the chance to enjoy a bit of a holiday yourself! If you’re looking to buy anything to make your children’s summer holidays more entertaining this year, be sure to visit
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