Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Reading the Easy Way by 123 homeschool 4 me

My daughter loves to read. She has already read over 100 books this summer. She just graduated kindergarten and can read some books by herself, and others I have to read to her. I love that she is interested in reading.
I wanted to increase her reading abilities over this summer. So I was thrilled when I found Reading the Easy Way on the blog 123 homeschool 4 me. You can choose from Preschool, Kindergarten, or First Grade. It is an 8 week course that is perfect to use over the summer. It is an excellent way to avoid the 30% summer learning loss.  I choose the 1st grade level for her.

This program is easy as it only takes 15 min./ day for 5 days a week. It is perfect for ages 5-7 and can be used with those students who are either finished with the Kindergarten level or starting 1st grade. You can use it to supplement public school, private school, or as part of a home school program.

Reading the Easy way 1st grade focuses on the 1st grade Dolch Word list. Mastering sight words is an important step in helping your child read well and confidently.

Reading the Easy way 1st grade includes:
8 Week Lesson Plan (little prep with clearly labeled sheets!)
Roll & Read Game / Flashcards
Trace! Read! Stamp! – 1st grade worksheets
Sight Word Coloring – 1st grade worksheets
Word Search – 1st grade worksheets
Trade’m Cars – first grade reading game
Chugga Chugga Sentences – building sentences game
Dino Feet – first grade reading
Safari Train Words - Game
Sight Word Bingo (2 versions) - Game
8 [1st Grade] Readers – first grade reading

I love that the program comes with a 8 week lesson plan that is labeled with which items to use which days. It is nice to quickly be able to glance and see what items we should be working on today.
My daughter loves the sight words Bingo game that is included. She loves the BINGO came so much that she often asks to play it on days when it isn't included in the lesson plan.

It is nice that this system offers a variety of activities and games. Suggested items to get with this kit include photo cubes and letter stamps. Those would help with the Roll & Read game and the Trace, read, stamp activity. We did not have either. I used the Roll & Read cards as flashcards or placed them on the floor and had her run, jump, crawl, etc to the word I called out.  On the stamp part of the Trace, Read, and Stamp activity I just had my daughter right it out. I have also thought about having her cut out and glue on the letters she'd need to build the word. It was fun for her even without having those additional items.

The kit is easy to follow with clear directions for how to play the games and complete the activities. It includes progress charts and certificates of completion too. My daughter loves that she can see the words she has mastered on the progress chart. The completion certificate along with a special celebration upon completion will help my daughter to celebrate her accomplishments.

I love how 123 Homeschool 4 me has tons of ideas and resources for teaching your children. They have many free printable preschool packs, ideas for summer fun, ideas for birthdays, etc. I have found many wonderful things to do with my kids on that blog.

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