Friday, November 16, 2012

Daddy scrubs back pack {12 Days of Gifts Galore}

With little Logan due to be here in just 3 1/2 short weeks I have a great review to do with Daddy Scrubs! No we are not talking about the good scrubs we got back in March (click here to see the pictures and read the review again) but I am talking about their really cool back pack made just for dads. I can't tell you how many times I have had Ryan "gripe" about carrying the diaper bag. Its not like its girly (because I don't have girls). So this has become his new favorite diaper bag.

As great as this Daddy Diaper Pack is to use as a diaper bag, we found a new use for it now. This is what Ryan is using to pack his hospital bag for when Logan is born. We all know that moms need the most when going to the hospital for the big day, but dads need water bottles, food, a change of cloths and other goodies too.

The Daddy Diaper Pack has got many pockets and great for just about anything. It is all black, and has many different sizes of compartments good for whatever you need. The ones in the back are deeper (for Ryan's change of cloths), the middle one is also kind of deep too (good for books and games he can bring), the side pockets are good for water bottles, baby bottles or sippy cups. Then the front two are smaller good for snacks or flip flops.

You can buy the Daddy Diaper Pack for $69.95 or you could wait until next weekend and try to win it! Don't forget with Christmas coming up in a few weeks they have a ton of great gifts for new dads! So make sure you head over and see what they have.

I want to say thank you to Daddy Scrubs for offering this great product not only for me to review but for my readers to be able to win one too.


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