Friday, September 14, 2012

Holistic Baby Sleep System review

I have been fighting with to get him to sleep though the nigh. We just about a month ago moved him into his own bed. We tried to put him in his crib and he hatted it so much so we bought him a twin bed. While it has help a bit he still will not sleep for more then an hour or two before walking up. Then at about 3 am I am so tired of getting up every hour or less that I just bring him back into bed with us. I have been looking for anything that might help him sleep better at night. So when I got an email from Holistic Baby Sleep System I decided it can't hurt to try. Anything to help Aiden sleep better will also help me sleep better!

When you first start this sleep system they ask you to track your child's sleep over a 24 hour period, do this for a few days so you can get an average of how long your child should sleep. They say a child of Aiden age (21 months) should have (give or take) 1 nap a day 1-2 hours and 11-12 night time sleep. I can't tell you how depressed I was the first three days keep track of this because I then really saw how often he got up and how long it took him to get back to sleep. It made me realize how much sleep I am not getting!

If your anything like me, the whole "crying it out" is not the way to go. First because he never stop crying (no kidding) and because the few times we did do it, it took him longer to clam down after and then sleep.

Holistic Baby Sleep System is a acupressure point guide. Just like applying pressure on your inner wrist helps with nasua and morning sickness this guild helps your babies system work better. There is a 24 hour acupressure point system. Now don't think that that means you can't do anything that day. It just means every hour there is a point that you should "rub" for a few minutes to help your child's over all body.

This was really easy, you just to the first 24 hour cycles then nothing for the next six days. So we tried it and it helped.... until he started to get his molars in. So this week has been a little hard with his sleeping, but last night it starting getting better. In face last night was the first time he slept from 8pm till 1 am without waking up once! So if you have a child that is not getting the sleep they need, you might want to look into getting the Holistic Baby Sleep System for $29.99

Holistic Baby Sleep System DVD Trailer from holisticbaby on Vimeo.

The Holistic Baby Sleep System™ training DVD includes the following:

• How the Chinese Clock regulates the circadian rhythms
• 12 acupressure points for sleep regulation + wellness support
• Acupressure point stimulation techniques
• General sleep protocol for balancing the circadian rhythms
• Three alternative sleep protocols for sleep regulation
• The use of the 12 points for the treatment of 15 common pediatric health conditions
• A well-baby acupressure protocol to improve digestion, stimulate growth and support immunity 


Beth R said...

That is an interesting theory. Luckily, all of our kiddos have been great sleepers (crossing my fingers), but I know friends who have a hard time getting their little ones to sleep. Thanks for the review

Jessie said...

This is interesting. I wonder how well it works for a variety of personalities.

Lynn Becker said...

I'm glad my LO is a great sleeper most of the time. He has a rough time every now and again, teething growth spurt, etc. but I have friends with troubled sleepers and they too don't want to do the "cry it out" method. I'll recommend this to them (and keep it in mind if we ever have trouble in the future), thanks for the review!

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