Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Cloth Sponsor Spotlight: Willow Store

I've been cloth diapering for awhile now. So of course I know that you can't use dryer sheets with cloth diapers. I've also come to wonder how effective dryer sheets. Are they worth the money? or the chemicals?
I found a safe alternative at the Willow Store.
I received a set of 3 assorted colors Wool Dryer Balls valued at  $19.95

3 assorted color dryer balls
The dyer balls are handmade in the U.S. They are made completely from wool and they help your clothes (cloth diapers, towels, etc.) tumble dry softly. Dryer balls can reduce drying time and won't harm your clothes. Color safe balls won't bleed on your laundry.

It is suggested that you use 2-3 balls for fastest drying. The balls are about the size of a tennis ball with an ~9" circumference. Due to the fact that these are 100% wool you may have some natural piling occur over time.

How do they work?
Well instead of placing a dryer sheet in your dryer, simply place 2-3 off the dryer balls in with your laundry. You can leave these in your dyer. This can safe you from having to remember to put in a dryer sheet. It also saves you from harming diapers or other laundry that wouldn't be safe with a dryer sheet. The dryer balls can also last for years.   The wool dryer balls naturally soften your clothes and can help clothes dry quicker which lessens your drying time.

What I love:
Cloth Diaper Safe
No more buying dryer sheets!
Saves money- Less time the dryer runs and no buying dryer sheets.
No chemicals.
How it leaves my clothes feeling soft.

The only problem that I have had with these is that I have 2 kids who think that "Balls" are for playing with. They don't understand that these should stay in the dryer. They want to take them out to play with them. Especially because they are soft and colorful. Beware you may have to hunt these down to use for laundry if you have small kids.

Win it: As part of the Summer Cloth event you can win a set of 3 wool dryer balls. Please like on 
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Sarah said...

how great! I have been wanting to try dryer balls to help cut down on drying time. and even better that they are CD safe!

Alisha L. said...

These are hands down the best dryer balls I've ever had..I've tried 5 other companies only to have issues with unraveling of the wool. I've been using the Willow Store's Dryer Balls for about a year and a half now and have not had any issues. LOVE them.

Geri Fink said...

I really want to try some dryer balls, but what happens to them after a year?

lockwk17 said...

I would love to try these. I made some myself but my son figured out they are fun to play with.

Elizabeth G said...

I love wool dryer balls! I have about 10 bouncing around in my dryer at any given point and I do believe that they help with drying time and static! I have found that if I add a dry towel to the load as well as the balls I can easily cut 20 mins from my normal dry time!

Muhammad Zahid Iqbal said...

Dryer balls can reduce drying time and won't harm your clothes. Color safe balls won't bleed on your laundry.research paper

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