Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Cloth Sponsor Spotlight: Cheeky Cloth

My son is just starting the potty training process. So that means time to ditch the diaper and find a training pant for him to use. I found Cheeky Cloth on Etsy.

I was fortunate to be able to try the Joe print pair.
The pair that I received was designed to fit from about 18m-3t. However Shannon does make smaller or larger sizes as needed. Feel free to ask her. They are made with a outer layer of cotton knit fabric, a hidden soaker layer in the wet zone made from bamboo fleece, inner layer of cotton velour and a soft cotton knit stretch leg and waist bands.

Since my son is just beginning the potty training process I wanted something that can catch an accident and will still let my child feel wet. I also wanted to know when he had peed so that I can take him to the potty. I didn't want the trainer to be like a diaper where I could leave him in it and not even know he'd peed. My son is just beginning the process so I knew he would have an accident in them.

When my son had an accident, I was able to tell right away and take him to the potty so he could finish. The trainer nicely contained the small pee that he did in it. I'm happy that it can keep him from peeing on the floor, yet helped me to know that I need to take him  to the potty.  I love that this pair allowed me to know he peed. This let me take him immediately to the potty after his accidents in order to teach him to pee on the potty. I also like how this looks like real underwear.  He is learning to pull it up and down by himself. It isn't too hard to get on and off so he is easily able to learn this skill. My son has small legs so this pair was a little loose around his legs. However, I'm sure he will grow nicely into it. It wasn't really a problem because the trainer still contained his accidents without a problem.
Inside of trainer
Back view of trainer
I love that they are nice and soft against my son's skin. They look like big boy underwear and he could pull them on and off. Plus the shop has a variety of cute prints.

Win It: As part of the fluffy butts hop, a winner can win either a boy or girl trainer from Cheeky Cloth. Be sure to like Cheeky Cloth on facebook and follow Cheeky Cloth on Etsy.


Christine G said...

It's really cute! Yes, we are in the throes of potty learning right now and I could use something like this for car trips...just to have a little extra protection without going back to diapers. christines AT byu. ne t

Julie said...

I love how cute these are! My son would love this!!

Zephyr Hill said...

I like how these fit. Thanks for a great review! Anne Sweden

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