Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shake, Rattle, Roll Hop Sponsor Spotlight: Project Pomona

Do you struggle with finding clothes that will fit your child? Do you cloth diaper and have to worry about whether your child's jeans will fit over their fluffy butt? Don't worry with Project Pomona. Whether you cloth diaper or not, these pants are fabulous.
My son who is 22 months old has had a very tiny waist. His waist can still fit in size 9 or 12 month pants. However, those are too short on him. When he wears 18 month pants half the time they are falling off of his waist.  I've always struggled with finding bottoms that will fit my son. So I discussed my issues with Meghan. She helped me measure and determine which size would be the best for my son. I chose the size 2  with an airplane accent cuff.
As you can see in the size chart (copied from the website) Size 2 is meant for 9-18 months. Although my son isn't in that age group anymore, that is the size that worked for him based on his measurements. If your child runs small or big in other clothing, make sure to measure and pick based on the measurements to get the most accurate fit.

Jeans (pant) Sizing:
Inseam (inches)*
Front Rise Back Rise
Size One
6 - 9"
6" 9.75"
Size Two
8.5 -11.25"
6" 10"
Size Three 
10.5 - 13"
6.5" 10.5"
*first length is pant leg rolled up twice; second length is pant leg at longest length

Can you believe that this pair of pants can last you 3 different sizes before outgrowing? How can this be? Wouldn't they be too small or too big at some point? Not so. First off these pants have a adjustable waist and hip panel. Just unsnap on both sides and then snap on the best setting for your child. Simple. It has 4 snaps on each side to get the perfect fit. As for length you can start with the cuffs rolled up to show off a super adorable accent pattern. You can have the cuff completely rolled up, halfway rolled up, or completely unrolled to give 3 different lengths.

Pants rolled up showing cuff. Not too long or too short.

Rolled up view
rolled partway
Unrolled view
Front panel with adjustable snaps
 The fabric is lightweight and soft. Perfect for spring or fall. It's also great fabric choice for Summer days when you want long pants, but don't want the added warmth. I would use these pants year round here in AZ since it doesn't get cold enough to need heavy pants. They also have shorts that I'd love to try.

I love the variety of  cute accents. I think the Fetch pants with the dog on the leg is absolutely adorable and my son would love them.  The accents on the pants I got are nice, although it can be hard to see all the detail on the print from far away. It is still a nice look though even if you can't see the details from a distance.

It also has fake pockets on the butt. I wish these pockets sat a little bit higher, and that they were real pockets. Other than that I love these pants. These pants actually fit my son. I love that! They fit him well now, but should also still fit him several months from now. This will save me from having to buy pants for him as often. I love that I can use these pants for multiple sizes.

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Win it: Pair of Jeans or shorts of winner's choice as part of the Shake, Rattle, Roll hop. Leave a comment below telling me what you like best about these pants for entries on the giveaway form.


twinsincloth said...

I love the idea of these pants, particularly that they fit will over cloth diapers, without being too long. How do we enter to win?

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