Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Cloth Sponsor Spotlight: Red Barn Part 2

A few days ago I posted a review of the heavy doody fitted diaper from Red Barn Cloth Diapers.I'm so pleased that I get to do another review with them.
Wool Wrap
This time around I'm reviewing a wool wrap. This is my first experience working with wool. Since it was my first experience working with wool I had many questions. "How do I wash them?" "What do I need to use to lanolize them?"  Jeni was nice to include an information card that gives you the step by step process for washing and lanolizing the wool. I had questions about using a wool wash bar that had the lanolin in it. Jeni researched it a little and suggested that I just stick with baby soap or wool wash for the washing part.
Here is what nifty nappy told Jeni about using a bar.
"this is my advice to ANYONE that uses a bar...
Wash it with the baby soap FIRST!! Then use the bar for the lanolizing process.  The bar has the lanolin and the soap so it will work for the lanolizing, but any time you try to skip the washing step and use the bars you are basically lanolizing a dirty woolie.  You can't get it clean and lanolize at the same time.  With the soap and the lanolin in the water at the same time you can't rinse away the dirty, you can't wash out the salt residue.  You are simply lanolizing over it.  It may appear to work for a time, but in the end the stinkies will win out.  The woolie will not last as long as it should and the fibers can start to break down from all the salt residue."

The baby soap or shampoo is because it is a gentle soap but any brand is fine. She said that I could also use natural soap nuts for the washing part.  She uses pure liquid lanolin but says you can also use the nipple cream that is made with lanolin. I ended up buying the nipple cream because that is what I saw in the stores.
Check out this informative video for how to wash and lanolize a wool wrap.

Jeni was very supportive of all of my questions. The washing/lanolizing of my wool wrap wasn't as hard as it sounded. Basically I just washed it in soapy water, then let it soak in lanolin/ soap water, rubbed it in occasionaly, then did my best to get water out, and let air dry.  If you follow Jeni's instruction card it really is simple.
Front view
Back view on my wiggle worm. Sorry this picture isn't the best. He just wouldn't cooperate.
The wrap fit nicely on my son and looked great too.  I love that wool is breathable and warm at the same time. I live in a warm climate so I was a little worried that wool might be too hot for him. However, I learned that wool does a great job at regulating temperature. So it keeps you nice and warm in the winter, but doesn't get too hot in the summer time.

The cons:
It's wool so I can't just wash it in the washing machine. However the process really isn't that bad.
Its a separate cover which I dislike only because I have a squirmy son who doesn't want to sit still for me to put on a diaper, let alone a diaper and another cover.

Overall I like how this wrap worked nicely over the heavy doody diaper and I will continue to use it.

Win it: As part of the Mother's Day hop you can win either a Heavy Doody fitted diaper or a Wool Wrap from Red Barn Cloth Diapers. Be sure to like Red Barn on Facebook to prepare for the giveaway.


G said...

my daughter likes the wool

Courtney B said...

so cute! as long as it's comfy... i hope my baby isn't allergic to wool, if she's not i would love this in pink!

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