Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Cloth Sponsor Spotlight: Baby Babu

Baby Babu is a new company that just started out this year. The company is founded in Melbourne Florida by parents of twin boys. The company hopes to provide high quality and affordable diaper solutions to parents worldwide.
Baby Babu has sent us a wet bag, diaper cover, and diaper to review. We will be holding giveaways with each of those reviews. Plus they have agreed to do more reviews each month for a diaper. To know when the next giveaway will be you'll want to subscribe to our blog email.

Blue wet bag with drawstring closure
1st up for review is the wet bag. I was sent a Dark Blue wet bag. I'd say the bag is a Medium size wet bag. It can easily fit 4-8 diapers in it, depending on style. When testing this I was able to fit 6 stuffed pocket diapers inside. It was not overstuffed and I think I could have put 1-2 more diapers in it without a problem.

I have a different brand wet bag whose drawstring has broken after a few uses. As you can see in the picture below, the white drawstring on this bag is thicker and seems to be a better quality material. I like knowing that this one should hold up to several uses with no problems.

Broken black drawstring on different wet bag vs. white drawstring on Baby Babu wet bag
Inside material of wet bag

What I like:
That it holds a decent amount of diapers. Plenty of room for me to throw in in the diaper bag and use while I'm out and about.
That the drawstring is a better quality and should hold up better than other wet bags I own.
No leaks- Although I struggle with getting a tight closure with drawstring. This bag has not leaked on me.
Customer service at the store- quick to respond to emails

I'm not a fan of drawstring closure on a wet bag. I always have a difficult time getting them to close completely. I'm also afraid of leaks and smells with a drawstring closure. I would love it if this bag would come with a zipper closure instead of a drawstring closure. Then I could feel more confident about my bag being closed and not leaking.

Baby Babu is offering our readers 10% off all of their products. Just use code TRYUS10. They offer free shipping on orders over $50. Diapers are $11.99 and wet bags are $7.99 prior to discount.

Win It: 1st giveaway is part of the mother's day cloth event and will be 1 wet bag and 1 diaper for 2 different winners. Be sure to like on facebook to prepare for giveaways and be informed of any deals they have.


Kristi said...

I've never been a fan of drawstring wetbags either. They tend to break easily and don't hold smells in as well. But I bet it would work well in a diaper pail!

G said...

wetbags are indispensible when you use cloth diapers

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