Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ohh, Baby, Baby, sponsor spot light: Daddy Scrubs

Hey guys if you have a new born or you are pregnant you will want to remember this giveaway. We have a ton of great sponsor that are going to be helping out with this. One of my husbands favorite (and mine of course) is Daddy Scrubs! Daddy Scrubs is great for any soon to be dad or even just for father's day. They are scrubs that your husband/boyfriend can wear while you are in the hospital giving birth. Or if you are home birthing and he does not want to get is cloth wet (if you are having a water birth) or messy he can wear it at home.

As most of you might know Ryan and I am hoping sometime this year to get pregnant again. So when he saw the scrubs the first thing he asked me was, "Do I have to wait till you get birth to wear them? Can't I wear them NOW?" He loved that he got to wear something that shows off that he loves his son. Daddy Scrubs sell more then just scrubs they also sell hats, jackets, tee shires, mugs and more.

It is rare that you really see any thing that is made for then dad when it come to pregnancy so when I saw this I was in love. As much as it is really about us, we should share the spot light when the baby daddy too. After all with out him there would be no baby.
So keep an eye out for April 1st when this giveaway goes live. Make sure you "like" them on facebook and follow them on twitter so you keep up with the news and be ready for the giveaway.


Ourfamilyworld said...

This is so cute! I wish my husband had one of these when I was giving birth!

Greta said...

Dads do seem to get the short end on baby stuff. Those are cute.

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